Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ole Miss Tailgating 101: The Tent

The most basic and essential part of tailgating in The Grove is having a tent. The Friday night before a home game, fans line up on the outskirts of The Grove, waiting to get the signal to begin setting up their tents. Tents and other tailgating items are not allowed to be brought into The Grove before 9:00pm. During the day, you will see people standing in random spots throughout The Grove, holding the place that they want to place their tent.
But setting up the tent doesn't end at getting it into The Grove. People decorate their tents almost as nicely as they do their own homes. Elements such as chandeliers and curtains can be seen adorning many of these tents. I think the curtains add a nice elegant touch. Yes, they are a little bit extravagant for a football tailgate... but hey, this is Ole Miss, extravagant is what we do best!
I'm a big fan of damask print fabric curtains! The large bows also give the curtains a little something extra, and add a little more flair to the tent.
I like this more "square" style of a curtain. It gives the tent a little more of a closed-in feeling, and really transforms the tent into a more elegant atmosphere.

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  1. Hello! For the first 2 pics (the non-square curtains), how do you get them to stay up at the top?