Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bow Tie Labels (Freebies!)

I shared some food label printables with you in a previous post, but I stumbled upon these cute bow tie label cards on Southern Wedding's blog and decided to put my own "Grove" spin on them. They turned out so cute I just had to share them with you!

First I Google Image searched "Red and Blue Bow Ties" and found The Perfect Necktie website. I searched through their red and blue bow tie sections, and found some bow ties that I liked. A few copy and pastes into a word document later, add in some text boxes (with fun fonts thanks to DaFont), and you have some cute labels for your tailgate treats!

I just printed out the bow ties on my computer, laminated and cut them out. If you go to this link you can download the word document I created and enter your text in, like the picture below!
Then using some hot glue I glued the bow ties onto clothespins.

Now you can clip the clothespins onto your terra cotta cake stands, serving platters, or whatever else you'd like!
I clipped a few onto my stacking plate holder, mentioned in my Dollar Store Deals post

All together, this project costs about maybe $5.00 tops (for clothespins and hot glue). These labels are great for adding a little decoration, and they also help your tent goers know what yummy treats they are about to devour! 
Have fun crafting and Hotty Toddy!

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  1. Very creative and practical approach to your projects. Keep up the good work, Madison!