Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chalkboard Paint

The Longhorns have begun their descent on Oxford!! If you're anywhere near the Oxford area, you will have noticed the traffic is beginning to pick up and there is a lot more orange. The Texas have arrived and the whole town is buzzing about it! If you have a Twitter account, go search the hashtag #TexasGameRumors, trust me you will laugh your pants off. (If you don't have Twitter than you are probably thinking "What the heck is this girl talking about?! Hashtag-a-what?")

With just two night left until gameday, I hope you all are hard at work getting things ready for the biggest tailgating event this year! If you have a little extra time, here are some cute chalkboard ideas to add to your tent! Chalkboard paint is super easy to use, and you can even make it yourself! A Beautiful Mess has posted a great tutorial on how to make your own chalkboard paint, and in any color you want!

Use your homemade chalkboard paint to make some cute food signs for your tent! These are great because you can re-use them every game!

You can also use the paint to make a menu to attract Grovers into your tent! Be sure to come up with some fun creative name for your treats!

You can also use a chalkboard for other things in your tent, like a Hotty Toddy sign or post the football schedule up (with all the Rebel victories!) You can also write up a catchy phrase for each week. I've seen "Free Beer for BYU Fans" and of course "Free Corndogs" during the LSU weekend. 

Remember to stay safe this weekend with the massive crowd in town! Hotty Toddy!

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