Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tent Decor: DIY Chandelier

Throughout the Grove you will see tons of chandeliers hung inside the most decorated tents. Some people pull out all the stops and bring their crystal chandeliers, however I think the cutest ones are the painted chandeliers! Here are two fantastic tutorials on how to paint a brass chandelier. You can find an old brass chandelier at most thrift stores, however if you live in the Oxford area I would suggest looking out-of-town because most stores over-price their chandeliers since they are in high demand for tailgating season! 
It's Just Laine's tutorial is great! And I love that she used Ole Miss red!!

The Tall Chick also has a great post about how to paint a brass chandelier.

Don't worry about your chandelier actually lighting up! (unless you have a generator and would like the to use it for lighting) Most people just put the chandeliers up for decoration, and you will even see some without the lightbulbs or candles in place of the lights. Good luck and have fun crafting! Hotty Toddy!

More Posts Coming This Week:
-Chalkboard Paint: How to make your own, and where to use it in your tent!
-Tricks to transport all your Grove gear to your tailgating spot on gameday!

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