Sunday, September 30, 2012

Colonel Reb Planter

Now I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but I found this cute Ole Miss inspired craft on Pinterest. Unfortunately, all the "pin" says is "uploaded by user" so I don't know who to give credit to!

This project is super easy and super cheap! I bought my two terra cotta planters at Wal-Mart for $2.50 each! Add in some paint brushes and blue, red, and white acrylic paint... this project only adds up to be about $8-10. 
Start with a basic terra cotta planter pot. I used a mid-size pot, so I could put some mums in it. But you could make this with any size you want! 

Turn one of the pots upside down, and paint a jacket, pants, and shirt onto the pot using red, blue, and white paint.

After the base coats have dried, use black Tulip Slicks (or puff-paint) to outline the outfit. Don't forget to add black outlines for the coat's lapel. 

On the other pot, use white and cream paint to make the Colonel's face. Grab your black Tulip Slicks again and outline the face and beard. Paint red around the top of the pot to represent the Colonel's hat. 
(The original photo used wood cutouts for eyebrows, a nose, beard, and arms... I just painted mine on)

(This is the original picture I found on Pinterest)
Give the Colonel a bow-tie by adding a ribbon around where the pots connect. Lastly, place some flowers in the top pot!

I love this craft, and it really adds some height to your table.
 Happy crafting and Hotty Toddy!

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