Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sam's Club Stock-Up

Making a trip to Sam's Club soon? Here are some things to stock up on for tailgating season!
-Saran Wrap- You'll need plenty of this to wrap up all your tailgate treats!

-Tin Foil- One can never have enough tin foil, and you use it in almost every tailgate recipe. Buy it in bulk, stock in the back of the pantry.

-Crescent Rolls- Almost every tailgate has at least two recipes that use crescent rolls, so these cans of dough sell out days before gameday. While your tailgating friends will be frantically searching the town for this doughy goodness, you'll have plenty stored up!

-Paper Plates and Plasticware- Buying these in bulk aren't always pretty, usually just a simple white or clear. But if you're trying to save money you can buy them in bulk.

-Sam's Club is also a great place to buy your tent, tables, chairs, coolers, etc. if you haven't already, or need to add another one!

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