Friday, September 7, 2012

Football Food

Walking around the Grove you sometimes get lost in the grandeur and forget what the actual purpose of tailgating is... FOOTBALL! Adding some football shaped treats to your spread will remind your fellow Grovers why we are celebrating!

Chocolate Covered Pigskin Strawberries
Get some fresh strawberries and some dipping chocolate and go to town! Then just use some white icing in a piping bag to draw the laces onto the chocolate. 

Chocolate Almond Footballs
One Fine Cookie has a great tutorial on how to make these football almonds from scratch. If you aren't feeling particularly domestic, go ahead and buy some already made chocolate covered almonds and use some white icing to pipe on the details. 

Pigskin Sliders
I haven't tried these yet, but I'm going to! The base is just a dinner roll (you could probably use part of a Pillsbury crescent roll) sliced open with a meatball placed inside. Then use pieces of mozzarella cheese to make the laces, and serve with some marinara sauce! 

Touchdown Deviled Eggs
Use your favorite deviled egg recipe, then put green onions across the top in the shape of laces!

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